January 23, 2012

Scrap Metal Mech in Beta

Where does the time go? Since releasing All Mighty multi-player we have developed a new game called Scrap Metal Mech. Scrap Metal Mech is currently a work in progress, but you can help beta test our game by downloading Scrap Metal Mech off of the android market. Either search for Scrap Metal Mech on your phone or check out Scrap Metal Mech on Android Market's Website.

The year is 2400. The dawn of a new age. The the bronze and gold age have left behind the age of scrap metal. Earth lays in ruins torn apart by wars long past. Everywhere lays pieces of ancient machines and toxic chemicals. Mining is a thing of the past. Enough of Earth's raw resources lay on the surface for it's inhabitants to make use of. Cities and villages have formed each with small aristocratic societies. Tired of war, leaders have decided to solve their differences and entertain the masses in the Arena. Their gladiators are men and women who can dominate through controlling Mechs. Will you rule the Arena? Or join the pile of scrap littering Earth's features?

Scrap Metal Mech features include:

  • 3D game Play
  • Online Multiplayer - Death Match and Team Death Match
  • 30 customizable Mechs
  • 60 Weapons

April 1, 2011

Multiplayer Internet - Released!

We have just released All Mighty 1.1.5. This version includes:

  • Internet Multiplayer!
  • BlueTooth Multiplayer moved to the Free version!
  • Single battle renamed to Solo Battle
  • Easy difficulty Solo Battle made a lot easier! (We removed the waves of enemies on easy)
  • Help updated for multiplayer and grammar corrections
  • Icon changes to help promote our game on the market
  • Name change to help in marketing what the game is about
  • Paid version had BlueTooth removed (as it's now in the free version) this is now an Ads free package.

We also started a Wolf Mobile Designs Twitter account people can follow! We'll be posting releases and game news on twitter.

March 18, 2011

All Mighty Multiplayer Internet - Logo

For the last month we've been focusing on performance changes. Well, we are pretty happy with the performance we're getting out of All Mighty now. It is time to switch back to new features!

We're currently working on the All Mighty multiplayer over internet. We hope to release it in the next few weeks. This change will also make the free version have both BlueTooth and Internet Multiplayer. Our paid version will just be for disabling ads in the game.

Whipped up a new logo that hopefully is a little 'cooler' =)

January 31, 2011

Website - Online Multiplayer

You may notice this a new look for the website! Although it's nothing special it means I've switched hosting companies in order to get my hands on a virtual private server (VPS).

What does this mean for you? I went with a VPS so Cole and I can start working on online multiplayer! I have several websites I host so I need to bring all of them over. Cole will be taking care of most of the All Mighty stuff until that's completed. He's already created a small server application for multiplayer that we're both excited to start playing with!

January 31, 2011

All Mighty – 1.1.0

6 months of work went out a few weeks ago in release 1.1.0. We are hard at work create patches for the issues with saving. We released 1.1.1 a few days later and now we're working on 1.1.2. Here's a list of what will be coming out hopefully tonight or tomorrow:

  • Memory management updates.
  • Save game update.
  • Building upgrade frame fix. You now can tell if a building is upgraded based on how it looks.
  • Rotating boulders. Siege machine boulders now rotate for an added effect.
  • Warrior weapon improvements. Weapons will now hit as they were intended to and ranged weapons randomly place themselves within the target's hit area.
  • In game ads. There will now be ads in the game in order to attempt to cover our costs. Currently Cole and I don't come close to covering the costs to host this website, let alone pay for our time!
  • Multiplayer app gets rid of in-game ads. So if you don't want them please purchase the Multiplayer app that is currently 1.49 USD.
  • Hospital upgrade costs fix.
  • Factory now correctly says Siege for the siege machine rather than the Infantry text.

If you hit any issues with the game we encourage you to email us or comment on the game. Please be descriptive and provide the phone you're on! Thanks!

July 2, 2010

All Mighty Lite – 1.0.6

Well, Andrew and I released 1.0.6 of All Mighty today. We are listening to the feedback from our users and really appreciate the positive reviews and suggestions. We try to integrate as many features as we possibly can between releases.

Let’s get down to what we did for 1.0.6:

  • Added sounds when soldiers and Towers are attacking. Now you will hear if there is some action between your team and the enemy if they are off screen.
  • Set up soldier levels. Upgrading Hospitals, Towers or Shooting Ranges will increase the respective soldier’s level. Each increase in a soldier’s level will cause more damage when attacking and resist damage when being attacked. Soldiers will also grow in size for each level increase.
  • Different damage ratios between soldier types. All things being equal, a Warrior will inflict the most damage against a Medic and slightly less damage against Archers. Archers do not inflict as much damage on Warriors as they do against Medics. Lastly, Medics inflict the least amount of damage, but remember, they can heal other soldiers!
  • Performance boost. We changed the background a bit and a couple of other small items to improve the frame rate. The game should stay in the middle 20’s FPS on the Motorola Droid.
  • Select All Soldiers/Workers buttons. Depending on which button you click, all of your soldiers or workers will be selected. As before, you can use the People menu to task the selected people. Thanks Shane for the suggestion!
  • More tutorial content. We added some more content to the tutorial screen.

That is it for 1.0.6. We would definitely like to hear from our users, either in the reviews, here on the web site or our email account.

Andrew and I are moving on to the 1.1.X path now. We are looking at more soldier types, buildings, and campaigns. Should be a good expansion on what we have now in All Mighty Lite.

Until the next release!